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Jon Bones Jones yes sir!!!

Ravens Re-Sign Daryl Smith…

The veteran inside linebacker agreed to a four-year contract with the Ravens on Friday, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The deal is reportedly worth $16.1 million.

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Who would you rather have?

Steve Smith or Emanuel Sanders?

2013 STATS

Steve Smith

REC          YRDS          AVG         TDS

 64             745           11.6          4

Emanuel Sanders 

REC          YRDS          AVG         TDS

 67             740           11.0          6 

Steve Smith in a Ravens jersey?

It could happen… What do you think?

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So free agency happened… In case you missed it…

Forgive me for the lateness of this post, but you guys know i get nightmares from this time of year…I get free agency post traumatic stress disorder. The second the season ends, no matter how it ends, I start to get hives, sweaty palms, shortness of breath, it’s an overall general unpleasant experience all together.  

So without further ado here’s what we’ve done so far…


3/12/14 - Agreed to terms with OT Eugene Monroe on a five-year contract and WR Jacoby Jones on a four-year contract.


2/28/14 - Agreed to terms with TE Dennis Pitta on a five-year contract.

2/27/14 - Terminated the contracts of FB Vonta Leach and LB Jameel McClain.

2/17/14 - Signed LB Terrell Suggs to a four-year contract extension.


1/3/14  - Announced running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery will not return for the 2014 season.

1/27/14 - Named Gary Kubiak offensive coordinator.

1/29/14 - Named Steve Spagnulo secondary coach and Brain Pariani tight ends coach.

All and all pretty good start, kept some key components, I’m most interested to see what the do with Digs, whatever happens there could could have a huge impact on the secondary. 

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Thank you for your assessment of the Ray Rice situation. As a woman, a feminist, and a fan, I'm at once horrified, angry, and disappointed. I think there's a lot left to be revealed about this situation, but from what I have seen, at best he showed a disregard for her well being, but then again I suspect he was as ripped as she was. I really appreciate your level look at what we currently know. We can neither condemn nor exonerate his actions at this point.

Thank you for taking the time to not only read all that, but respond in a way that illustrates that even with the incendiary nature of the topic at hand, that we can have a frank discussion with people from all walks of life as well as different sides of the argument without the sort of craziness that normally accompanies this sort of thing. This is proof to me that FYR! has some of the best followers on tumblr.

Also I totally agree, its hard to know what to think giving what little info we know.

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Dude, no. Have you seen the size of Ray Rice? Unless she came at him with a weapon, there is not excuse for that shit. You can't tell me with arms that size he couldn't have just restrained her.

Yea, its a tough scenario, we don’t know enough about what happened before the elevator doors opened. But we know Ray Rice is a big dude for a guy of his height. That’s probably going to be more damaging than anything, people are going to see how ripped he is, and look at her and then….

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In regard to Ray Rice: You're right, no one should knock out their significant other. THAT BEING SAID THOUGH, it is being called a mutual altercation, therefore BOTH parties were at fault, including his fiancee. Again, I 100% agree that knocking her out was uncalled for, and I'm not going to say she deserved it, but if she fought him, then that's her own fucking fault.

Agreed, and if she knocks him out next time they got to Atlantic city then I owe u a Dr Pepper.

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In case you missed it…

"I’m a Raven for life" - T-Sizzle

Terrell Suggs signs his extension. Next on deck Dennis Pitta and Eugene Monroe, Monroe said he won’t give the Ravens a “discount,” and Pitta and the Ravens are still “far apart” in negotiations. This could be brutal. Also in Cap news the Ravens are looking to redo contracts for Vonta, Sam, and Jameel, this smells alot like last season…

Today the Ravens and the Cowboys met the other day for a coin flip to see who would pick 16th in the upcoming draft, and as you know coin flips are not as kind to us, so it goes without saying we lost. In the first round we will have the 17th pick, will be interesting to see what we do with it.

And in the most heartbreaking news of the last couple of days, beloved running back Ray Rice was arrested and released for an altercation with his fiancee in Atlantic City last weekend. The video has come out and it is disturbing… If your a fan I don’t recommend looking at It, I will spare you the details but the footage is gut-wrenching. 

Football players are people just like everyone else, they have lives that feature trials and tribulations just like everyone else, the only real difference is that for the few that are household names the scrutiny of being under the microscope I would imagine only intensifies the amount of pressure they must feel. None of that is an excuse for knocking the women your intending to spend the your rest of your life with unconscious. Period. As a football fan, a Ravens fan and a fan of the man in general i’m sadden, as a human being I’m angry, and as a man I’m outraged. 

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Ravens Hire Gary Kubiak as new offensive coordinator…

Kubiak, 52, was 61-64 in close to eight seasons as the Texans’ head coach (2006-2013). He was fired on December 6 after Houston lost its 11th game in a row. The Texans won the AFC South in 2011 and 2012 before sliding to a 2-14 record this season.

Idk how I feel about this pick up, at this point I would much rather they gave someone new the chance, what’s the point of bringing someone old in to breathe new life into the offense? That’s like going to the destruction derby to buy a new car.

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Stay tuned for the first annual FYR! awards…

Wanted to do something a little fun for the end of the football season, keep it locked polls and categories will be u soon.

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My family a long and…interesting season is in the books, I’m going to be honest, feels odd to be thinking about next season so soon…being a fan of this team has made me spoiled. For the first time in years the playoffs have meant nothing to me, and to be honest i’m strangely at peace with the whole thing, Our boys looked tired, and beat up, some rest could do them a bit of good, and oddly enough I’m pretty optimistic and full of hope, I’m sure the fact that we are just coming off of being crowned World Champs (and don’t you ever forget it) has something to do with it. I’m not about to talk about the bright spots buried underneath the shi…uh…stuff cause frankly it doesn’t make anyone feel better, and nobody cares, but i will say 2014 should be pretty well…interesting. In Ozzie We Trust right?…Right? 

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I was hurt I was pretty sure the dolphins or ravens would get in I didn't think they would both be horrible

That’s the thing about football, you have to want it, there was no body on either team today that you could point out and go “that guy wants it” sure you get beat up, tired, frustrated. But who wants to spend 6 months wishing they would have ran a little harder, blocked a little better, caught more passes?

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